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Eclectic Pillows
Brantford, Ontario Canada
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    Brantford Ontario, Canada
    N3r 7h7
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    Hi and welcome to my MadeUrban Shop!

    My name is Sara and I have been creating pillows for 4 years now...
    What was once a hobby has now become my full time job!

    I went to school for Interior Design, have done some design consulting work, and now I'm looking to further explore the idea of creating my own line from home, allowing me to stay at home., while doing what I love, creating:)

    I am passionate
    I've held a strong urge inside of me to quit my job and do what I love, truly letting all of my fears go and pursue my passion. This has also allowed me to be more available to my family and pursue my own spiritual grateful for MadeUrban for allowing me to do so!


    I love old, I love organic, and I am not biased to specific colours or styles.
    Fabric allows me to play with blending of styles, it is so versatile and adds depth and texture to any space... the best part is, it can be easily changed! Season to season, day to day, whatever.
    I feel like in a past life I may have lived through the 60's because I am drawn to these influences, however, I've learned to adapt to what is current and so I feel I have blended styles into what I call 'Eclectic', where anything goes! ...and from this, Eclectic Pillows was born.

    My designs are truly 'art for your furniture'...each piece is handcrafted, made with high quality fabrics, and are designed for your personality in mind.
    I enjoy working with silhouettes because, although I like detail and texture, I feel by keeping the image clean and concise, you get a product that is not cluttered or too busy and virtually endless in possibilities!


    It is my mission in life to cut down my carbon footprint (specifically with plastic and waste) in all areas of my life, and there is not exception here.
    My products are packaged with craft paper, lined with tissue paper (recyclable),
    no plastic here!

    I use 'faux' leather for my silhouettes, and source out fabrics that are durable, washable, and will stand the test of time... these pillows are not throw aways, they are meant to last!

    Thank you for taking the time to read about me...
    If you have any questions at all, please convo me, and I will respond within 24 hours.

    Happy hunting:)

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